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Open Research


The global research pendulum has swung towards open scholarship. UNESCO, the EU and the US government have all made strong commitments to funding and supporting open research and there is considerable evidence that openness doesn’t just support accessibility and equity, but also innovation. The Canadian Tri-Agencies are also currently reevaluating their open access policies.

There are undeniable advantages to implementing open research practices, but they can also come with their own challenges. I have nearly a decade of experience in designing and implementing organisational and national open science and research data management policies and am currently running a province-wide open research project in Nova Scotia.

I would be happy to support you in finding the right solutions for your institution or project.

International Partnership


Horizon Europe

International partnerships form the basis of a growing number of research projects and are often critical to innovation. However, building and running a successful partnership between different countries, continents and administration systems comes with a particular set of challenges. I have over a decade of experience in initiating and running international projects (including creating centres of excellence with the top research institutions in the world) and can help you manage facilitate the multifaced scientific, administrative and innovation management aspects of large, international collaborations.


In the context of Canadian accession to Horizon Europe – the largest R&D funding mechanism in the world – establishing project-centred partnerships with European institutions will be key. Since 2012, I have been assisting with EU projects at all levels, including developing guidelines in Brussels and evaluation and assistance with submissions (including multiple ERC Advanced grants). If you are considering applying for a Horizon Europe project, or joining a consortium, please feel free to reach out for a free introductory 30 minute session.

Research Coach


Researchers are experts in their fields, but sometimes struggle to communicate the importance of their work to non-experts. I have a track record - including successful ERC Advanced grant applications - of assisting top researchers in a variety of fields (biomedical sciences, engineering, humanities) in distilling the most pertinent aspects of their work for grants applications and communication activities.  I can ensure that your work receives the attention it deserves, translating into funding and research program sustainability.

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