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The global research pendulum has swung towards open scholarship. UNESCO, the EU and the US government have all made strong commitments to funding and supporting open research and there is considerable evidence that openness doesn’t just support accessibility and equity, but also innovation. The Canadian Tri-Agencies are also currently reevaluating their open access policies.


At Visnea, we are proud to have worked on a variety of exciting and innovative projects. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking research, our team has the expertise and experience to deliver results. Check out some of our recent projects below.



Researchers are experts in their fields, but sometimes struggle to communicate the importance of their work to non-experts. I have a track record - including successful ERC Advanced grant applications - of assisting top researchers in a variety of fields (biomedical sciences, engineering, humanities) in distilling the most pertinent aspects of their work for grants applications and communication activities.  I can ensure that your work receives the attention it deserves, translating into funding and research program sustainability.


Dr Maria Pawlowska

Dr Maria Pawlowska is an expert in research management with a focus on open science and international collaborations. As a guiding principle, Maria works to ensure that modern research management - including supporting openness, diversity and inclusion - becomes part of the blueprint for how science is done. Following her PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Cambridge, she transitioned to a career in research administration and policy. Maria has over a decade of experience in managing international, interdisciplinary research projects, as well as implementing and designing open science policies. Maria has collaborated with the European governments and non-governmental organizations, as well as Fortune200 companies. Over the past 6 years, she has helped establish over a dozen new centers of excellence (working with institutions such as Oxford University and CNRS) and assisted with a number of prestigious research projects (incl. multiple ERC Advanced grants). She was also a member of the Science Europe working group that authored the “Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management”. Maria has shared her expertise on open science and international collaborations at meetings organized by the United Nations, European Commission, the Fulbright Commission, GO-FAIR and the Canadian Association of Research Administrators, among others. Her work has been recognized by numerous organizations – Maria is a Bill and Melinda Gates Scholar, a member of the American Academy of Achievement and has received awards from the Coimbra Group, the Cambridge Philosophical Society and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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